“IT disaster recovery” is not a phrase anyone within a business likes to hear.

Many IT ‘disasters’ and problems can be prevented through our long-term and proactive approach. For example:

  • Lost data due to backups not working

  • Failure of ageing equipment

  • Security breaches due to outdated anti-virus protection

  • Unexpected events such as fires and floods

Take a second to think about the disruption and cost that any of these issues could have on your business. Wouldn’t it be better to put plans in place to make sure they don’t happen?


Monitoring backups

We will monitor all your servers round-the-clock. They’ll be set up to automatically log a problem with us if your back-up fails for any reason.

We can also use virtual servers which take complete snapshots of your data which can then be recovered very quickly on to a different hardware.


Data Recovery

If you've suffered from data loss, then you already know the fundamental necessity of data backup and its value. Whether you 're using tape drives  or alternative external storage, to regularly backup your server, you know that the costs of the backup devices are worth their weight in honey. Sometimes these devices can become unreadable or they fail, and access to data is impossible. Data recovery is the very last line of protection against data loss and it's something we can assist with.


Ageing equipment

As part of our IT consultancy we will review all your IT equipment and put together a phased plan for replacement so that ageing equipment such as servers, desktops, laptops  and any other hardware don’t create any business continuity problems in the future.


Security breaches

Security of your data and that of your customers is of critical importance. We will review your existing measures and make sure a robust future-proof plan is put in place to minimise any security threats as much as possible on an ongoing basis.

Getting you up and running quickly after a disaster.

When it comes to IT disasters such as fires and flooding, having no processes in place for such incidents can be catastrophic in terms of business continuity.


How would your business get back on its feet if all your servers and PCs were destroyed in a fire for example?


For your peace of mind we can have a virtual server with real-time replication so that if the worst should happen to the physical server in your business premises, all the data is complete and up-to-date elsewhere for easy access.

We also have access to an extensive range of hire stock so we can replace your IT equipment on an immediate, temporary or permanent basis in the event of a disaster.

Many insurance companies now insist on a documented business continuity and IT disaster recovery plan which we can help you with. If you’re in the financial services sector, failure to have a plan could lead to a fine of up to £25K from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Just one important file being lost forever could cost your business financially and in terms of reputation. Don’t risk it, get a reliable IT support company to take care of it and give you peace of mind.