Sometimes physical hard drive failure can result in the potential for lost data, it may even be an archive backup drive so there is no other storage of the files. The normal assumption is that the information is lost forever.

We work with the UK's top data recovery specialists, who offer fixed cost recovery across a range of internal and external hard drives, including Macs, Laptops, Servers, NAS Drives and Portable Drives.

We appreciate the importance of your potentially lost data, whether it is accounts, sales information or even photographs of your children. 

We can rescue data from surprisingly extreme situations. Every drive is analysed by an experienced Data Recovery Engineer.   Unfortunately there are some scenarios (e.g. platter damage – data has turned to powder) where no recovery is possible.  Thankfully this is fairly unusual.

Our data recovery specialists are expert in the very latest techniques and often recover from drives that have been sent to other data recovery companies first.

What will it cost? 

For our standard service we operate on a fixed cost basis, for emergency recovery and recovery from RAID devices we will provide a quotation after initial data recovery analysis which is conducted at a cost of £35.00

You want to know your possible costs up front. We understand that the cost of retrieving your files is important, that’s why we’ll give you a fixed price for data recovery right from the start.

Single hard drives - Standard Service

up to and inc 500GB is £299 (ex VAT).

up to and inc 1TB is £399 (ex VAT).

up to and inc 2TB is £499 (ex VAT).

In a small number of cases drives with particular types of internal mechanical failure may require extra parts. We will let you know if this is the case and confirm what any additional costs will be .