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Security is a constant concern for anyone holding sensitive or financial data for their clients. Never before has the subject of hacking and cyber crime been so pandemic. You or your business may have been affected oyou will certainly know someone or a business that has been.

The risk of being affected by common threats can be reduced significantly by ensuring you have a basic level of security in place to begin with. The Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme is the ideal place to start.

Apply for a Voucher worth up to £1000 to improve your Cyber Security!

A UNIQUE voucher scheme has been launched by The Scottish Governmen to help small businesses and third sector organisations combat cybercrime by securing nationally-recognised Cyber Essentials accreditation.

We strongly encourage businesses of all sizes to comply with Cyber Essentials so that we can all do business online as safely as possible.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

Act now! 
Taking some specific actions and measures to identify, control and counter the most common threats to your cyber-security will fundamentally reduce the likelihood of you becoming a victim of a serious, business-threatening attack.

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By getting your business certified for the Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme, you can protect yourself from the greater part of cyber risks. What you also demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders, is that your business has a proactive approach to security and diligence in meeting this Government-endorsed IT Security standard.

Euro Business Solutions will aid you in navigating the whole certification process to virtually guarantee you a first-time Cyber Essentials pass.

Find out how you could now do this with £1000 towards the cost of helping you to certify and to get a tailored Security Action Plan in place…