This week we've been hearing about Outlook crashing and failing to start properly and we've narrowed it down to a Windows Update.

The update that causes this is KB3097877 and it appears to be limited to only some Windows 7 installations when downloading online images for a HTML message.
The version of Outlook that you are using doesn’t seem to matter in this case and other applications may also be affected.

When it comes to Outlook, it mainly appears to affect messages that download images from the Internet, so a workaround is to disable the exceptions for the option to automatically download images as shown below:

Automatic Download - Do not download anything.
These settings can be adjusted in Outlook’s Trust Center and is the most secure configuration at any time.

If Outlook still crashes you can uninstall the update via Windows Update in Control Panel. Restart your computer and check for Windows Updates. Microsoft has rereleased update KB3097877 and it no longer crashes Outlook so yuo can safely install it.

If you're having Outlook headaches, contact us and see if we can assist!


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