Ios9Apple's new operating system has landed and is now available for compatible iPhone's and iPad's!

iOS 9 offers a bundle of new features which include updates to Maps, Siri and Notes. There's also plenty of hidden extras inside this new OS and we think we've found five of the best ones!

Draw On Your Emails 

iOS 9 allows you to scribble on your emails! This new feature lets you add annotations and a hand-drawn signature to your email attachments, without having to leave the Mail app. 

Just tap and hold on an image or attachment to bring up the menu. In the second row of options – the grey-and-white icons – there is a new option, dubbed Markup and Reply.


 Select this and you will be presented with a row of options for your image, like below.


You can then write and draw over the screen, add text and even add in your own signature!


Once you're finished, hit 'Done' and iOS 9 will insert your creation in an email reply automatically. Very cool!

Speedy Picture Selection

If you've taken hundreds of selfies during a night out you can now share...or delete them more quickly!

Users can now select dozens of photos by hitting the Select button in the top-right of the screen then tapping and dragging across your chosen images.

You can then share the selected images, move to another album, or if they're too embarrassing, batch delete!

New to iOS 9, you can also hide selected images, by tapping 'Share' > 'Hide'.



If your wireless connection is useless, this feature could save you from the endless spinning ball of doom.

Wi-Fi Assist allows your iPhone or iPad to automatically juggle between a mobile data connection and Wi-Fi.

iOS 9 will choose the best option to use depending on which one has the fastest connection at any given time.

It means you should be able to continue watching a YouTube video without interruption or stutter, even if the Wi-Fi connection drops! 

To switch on Wi-Fi Assist, go to 'Settings' > 'Mobile Data' then toggle on 'Wi-Fi Assist' (it's right at the bottom of the menu).

Note: Make sure your mobile contract has plenty of data left.



Search Your Settings

Do you have trouble finding anything in the settings menu, like me?! Well, that's all changed as Apple has now included a handy search menu.

Simply tap 'Settings' and type what you're looking for into the search bar at the top of the screen.

You'll then be presented with an easy to navigate list options. Simple! No more excuses for not switching data roaming off when you go on holiday! 


Low-power mode

There's nothing more annoying than a red battery icon on your iPhone and knowing that if you open a single app the possibility of a complete battery drain is hugely possible!  iOS 9 doesn't have to send you into a panicked search for a charger as it has introduced a new Low Power Mode that helps squeeze out every bit of juice remaining in your battery!

Turn it on by going to 'Settings' and then 'Battery', once activated your iPhone's battery icon will turn yellow, indicating that it is conserving energy by reducing performance and networking activity, background app refresh, motion effects and animated wallpapers.

If you don't turn it on yourself, don't worry about it. Apple will prompt you once your battery dips below 20%!


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