Do you feel like you're standing in an endless queue, waiting for your current IT Support partner to acknowledge and respond to your needs?


One of the top five reasons companies switch IT support providers, is because things are taking too long to get fixed. Some companies report that their IT support providers are continually failing to meet contractual deadlines or that engineers fail to test systems properly, which causes faults to reoccur. Beyond frustrating!

At Euro Business Solutions, we understand this frustration, we too, are people and we don't like to be kept waiting either, especially if we're paying for the privilege!  

However, we owe a lot to waiting and for that we are grateful. Waiting prompted us to create our Support HelpDesk which enables us to log our respond and resolve times so you can see that we aren't wasting your time and that actually, we value your time like we value our own. 

See for yourself! 


Above is an image populated from our HelpDesk outlining our respond and resolve times from  1st January 2014 - 1st October 2014. So, what are you waiting for?

If you've had enough of waiting in that endless queue, give us a call today!

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